From the very first meeting with Steven + Heather, we new that they had a rich story.
We were fortunate enough to actually capture this beautiful story through a short film for them. You can view their “Love Story” here: SLIDING HOME FOR MARRIAGE.

Steven + Heather brought so many details together, on their wedding day. Everything meant something to them, From the handmade baseball-themed boutineer Heather made for Steven to wear, to the blue heart that Heather had sewn onto her dress, to Heather’s symbolic act of ripping away her maiden name at the alter (very cool moment), to Heather’s dad giving Steven an antique car to start a hod rod project with. The details go on and on.

It was so special to hear that they first dated on June 1st and brought their relationship full circle by becoming husband and wife on June 1st.

Enjoy watching their story unfold through these images!