Wow! Love love love this couple!
We had such a privilege to capture Jared + Cindy’s wedding story out in Maryville, MO.

Being that it was an out-of-town wedding, we got to spend the night in Maryville and join the friends and family at the local pizza shop that Jared + Cindy frequented, as they grew up.
It was so neat to hear how they met….as children in kindergarten! They truly are childhood loves that have been a part of each others lives since their formidable years.

We did their “reveal” IN THE ACTUAL CLASSROOM where they first met! It was such a touching moment to capture!

Their wedding party was either family members or childhood friends, as well. As you see through the pictures, they were such a fun crowd and were so close to each other!

It was just so cool to see that May 19th, 2012 was destined to be from over 20 years ago. Such a wonderful love story to follow!