Yup, when thinking about their day, I laugh.  It was just SO MUCH FUN being with these guys and their close ones.  These pictures only give a peek into how fun and laid back and warm these people were.

It couldn’t have been a more perfect day to have a wedding either!  Beautiful sunny day, not too hot, not too cold.  Very much like their engagement session, which you can check out here:  Charles + Leah E-session

We got to bump around in a trolley for 3 hours around downtown and hit up a grungy urban bridge, the classic Liberty Memorial, and even where their relationship first began at Gordon Biersch down at Power and Light.

The most memorable moment was spraying silly string all over in the middle of Main Street right there in the heart of downtown.  That picture alone can pretty much sum up them and this amazing day.

Please enjoy and relive their special day through these images here!

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